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Spa Industry Recovering Nicely, According to PBA

Posted: August 20, 2010

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The Expectations Index, which measures salon/spa owners' six-month outlook, considers the following five industry indicators: service sales, retail sales, employees and hours, capital expenditures and business conditions. With an index decline of 0.7% from the first quarter, salon/spa owners showed less optimism about overall industry growth and future economic conditions. Although, 80% of salon/spa owners said they expect higher service sales within six months and have maintained an overall very positive outlook since the SSPI survey began.

Although salon/spa owners might have a less optimistic look for the economy, the outlook for capital spending activity has remained steady in recent months. In fact, 56% of salon/spa owners expect to make capital expenditures for equipment and remodeling purposes in the next six months, a 1% decrease from the first quarter.

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