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Defining Green: Innovation, Labeling and Self-examination

By: Frederic Holzberger
Posted: February 24, 2010, from the March 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

As business owners, spa owners and managers have a deep responsibility to not only be aware of what they are purchasing, but also the responsibility of ensuring they are operating their businesses to the best of their abilities—and that includes being responsible to the environment.

With the boundless green options available today, if you are not already on board or ready to get on board with the green movement, you will likely soon find yourself and your business left behind.

Environmental issues have not only parked themselves on the front doorsteps of homes and offices but have taken on an ever-growing global impact, as well. If you have not made it part of your business resolutions this year, take the time now to look at ways in which you can make changes that will positively affect or enhance the environment. From buying and selling environmentally friendly products to creating a recycling center or installing electric hand dryers, your ability to make a change, however large or small, is there. It is time to commit to making these changes every year.

Power and water

Investigate the true environmental impact of your two largest sources of energy use: water and electricity. Contact your local water and energy suppliers to have them conduct, or help you outsource, audits on your water and energy usage. You may be surprised to learn their findings and discover ways to cut back on your energy and water bills.

In addition, wherever possible, low-flow faucets and water fixtures should be employed. Keep all your equipment clean, replace filters in a timely manner, and regularly service everything, including your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, for optimal and efficient operating.