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Happy Earth Day from Skin Inc. magazine!

Posted: April 22, 2009

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Maybe not surprisingly, those who stand to lose the most are fueling the most searches around the day. A sizeable quarter of all queries are being conducted by kids 17 and younger. Small friends of the earth are heading online before heading out, to look up all kinds of ways to celebrate the day. Eco-searches are surging on "earth day activities," "earth day crafts," "earth day coloring pages,"and "earth day projects."

Green is good

Those who want Earth Day to last all year long are conscientiously querying "energy saving tips," "reusable bags," and "how to build a compost bin." U.S. News & World Report gives five tips for going green, such as switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs and moving to low-flow shower heads, and many other outlets are offering green tips, as well. Just don't forget to thank your mother&mash;earth, that is.

By Claudine Zap, Yahoo! Buzz, April 21, 2009