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Green Objectives for 2009: Reflect, Refine, Remind and Redesign

By: Frederic J. Holzberger
Posted: January 30, 2009, from the February 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Change is in the air. The new president ran his entire campaign on the notion of change, and it is this concept that keeps the spa business alive and thriving. Spas change their menus to bring in new treatments and services, change policies and procedures to reflect those areas in which they want to improve and have greater control, and personally, every individual changes and grows with every passing day as they learn more about themselves and their environment.

With another year just beginning, now is an excellent time to pause and look at where you have been and all that you have accomplished, as well as to focus on where you want to go. It is through awareness and education that the necessary changes you wish to make can be implemented.


Even as people rush ceaselessly to get where they want to go faster and faster, it is important to stop and reflect on where you have been and how you got to where you are today. Make sure to give yourself the recognition you deserve—in essence, keep score. In order to do this, Aveda Fredric’s Institute has developed time lines for the company that show the years and dates of when important events occurred, awards it has won, articles it has appeared in, scholarship contests it has held and other insightful turning points throughout its history. Clients love reading about all the great things Aveda Fredric’s has accomplished, and it gives the company’s team members a vehicle from which to reflect on all that has happened to get the Institute where it is today.

Begin an eco-timeline that allows you to reflect on and keep track of the changes you have made in your business that have helped the environment. Share these strategies with your team, whether they are new or established employees, and let your clients know about them as well, helping them to understand why and how you have done these things. Hopefully, this initiative causes a ripple effect, inspiring your clientele to incorporate some green ideas at home, with their children or in their place of work.


You have taken the steps to become environmentally conscious and have created your environmental standards. Now, what are you doing to remind yourself to revisit your standards before making purchases, setting goals or creating policies? When confronted with challenges, always take the time to review your standards and goals.