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10 Steps to Help the Environment

Posted: January 30, 2009

In an effort to help spas create a greener tomorrow, the Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is providing 10 small, yet realistic steps to help the environment. Making a small effort is all it takes to make a major impact, one spa and one beauty professional at a time.

Talk to your coworkers. Respect that everyone is not going to be interested in going green to the same degree. Find at least one person who is passionate, but not militant, about the green effort to help the spa alter the way it does business. Others will generally follow suit once the culture has changed.

Go green contest for your customers. Sponsor a contest aimed at your customers to find the best green idea they can come up with. Not only will a great idea possibly be discovered for your business, but it also helps build goodwill among your customers and the community.

Change the outside light bulbs. The most common suggestion everyone has heard is to use more energy efficient florescent bulbs, however the light given off is not always the most flattering. Take a small step by just changing the exterior bulbs at your office and home.

Fix the leak already. Whether it's your toilet bowl or shampoo bowl, take 15 minutes to call a plumber and finally get it fixed. This act alone can save more than 2,600 gallons of water a year.