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What Do Ethical and Sustainable Meant to Today's Beauty Consumer?

By: Imogen Matthews
Posted: December 12, 2008

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Nude, a U.K. natural skin care brand, strives to make responsible decisions to reduce materials, pollution and waste. Much of its packaging is made from recycled and corn-biodegradable materials, and the company is working to make 100% of its packaging from post-consumer recycled or biodegradable materials. In terms of formulations, some, but not all, ingredients are organic, fair trade and community traded.

U.S. natural personal care brand Burt’s Bees has published its first corporate social responsibility report on its Web site. The Greater Good Social and Environmental Progress Report: 2008 and Before documents its commitment to sustainable business practices. This follows Burt’s Bees’ own natural standard, set up to help consumers understand and identify truly natural products.

Operating in a completely ethical and sustainable manner means a lot more than including natural or organic ingredients in a formulation. It may not be easy to tick all the boxes, but those companies seen to behave in an ethical and transparent manner are likely to win over today’s skeptical consumers.

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