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New Research Shows Majority of Adults Have Some Green Motivation

Posted: November 6, 2008
According to new research by Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), more than 80% of the total U.S. adult population show some type of green motivation. While LOHAS consumers—those identified as having the strongest environmental, social, and corporate social responsibility values and behaviors—represent 17% of U.S. adults, or 38 million consumers, NMI has identified three other consumers segments who are also engaged in various realms of sustainability depending on the eco-dimension that aligns with their overall priorities.


In 2004, only LOHAS consumers were “sustainability active.” Today, the high percentage of American adults who represent a target for green and eco-friendly products and services makes sustainability much more attractive and increases the imperative for businesses to engage with consumers of all types.

NMI’s LOHAS consumer model is comprised of five unique segments: LOHAS, Naturalites, Drifters, Conventionals and Unconcerned. According to NMI managing partner Steve French, “As shown below, the percentage of LOHAS consumers has remained stable since 2005 while all of the other segments show noteworthy shifts. Drifters and Conventionals in particular, have increased significantly. These shifts are reflective of both rising environmental and social concerns, as well as the current economic situation. The challenge to marketers is to optimize messaging and align their products and services with the dynamic nature of the consumer.”

Outlined below is a brief description of each segment.