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Spa Design: From the Outside In, Part 2

By: Lyn Falk
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the May 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Ceiling height. The ceiling of your spa can create an intimate feeling. Heights in the corridors and lounges can be as high as 10 feet, while treatment rooms should be 8–9 feet. Decorate ceilings with 2-foot square acoustical panels or drywall with a beautiful faux finish.

Color choice. The colors should be inviting, not loud and shocking—soft hues and medium to deep values are best.

Floors. Eco-friendly floors include salvaged wood or wood from sustainably managed forests, linoleum, cork and natural carpets. If a nylon carpet is preferred, opt for one with recycled fibers. For treatment areas and changing lounges, consider linoleum or ceramic tile floors—both are easy to clean.

Furniture. Choose furniture that is made from natural materials and assembled with nontoxic adhesives and finishes. Seating pieces can be made with natural latex rubber cushions; natural upholstery, such as wool, hemp, silk or cotton; and solid wood or recycled steel components. If you are concerned about cleaning and potential stains, select recycled polyester seat cushions. There are many colors and patterns available now in commercial-grade upholstery.

Unfortunately, sustainable furniture still is fairly expensive because large manufacturers have yet to make eco-minded changes to their product lines. However, a few independent companies are making names for themselves. Something else to keep in mind when buying furnishings and decorative accessories for your spa is the origin of the product. An item that is made locally certainly is more energy efficient than one that is transported from a foreign country.