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Greening Your Spa With Organic Tea

By: Anna Wasserman
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the May 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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An innovative spa that combines the organic movement with their treatments using tea is Osmosis in Sonoma County, California. The facility has fostered ideals into its work ethic with a commitment to community service, environmental awareness and the principles of social responsibility. Michael Stusser, founder of Osmosis, is spearheading a new nonprofit organization called Green Spa Network, which will be a resource to spas throughout the country that are looking for green initiatives. Other spas making a difference include El Monte Sagrado in Taos, New Mexico, The Teahouse Spa in Santa Cruz, California, and Rio Caliente Eco-Spa Retreat & Resort in Primavera, Mexico. See In the Spa for other ways to integrate green practices into your facility.

Spa with tea

Two of the most popular reasons to go to a spa are to relax and rejuvenate. In continuing the spa experience, a tea ceremony will complete the external to internal focus. The term “spa” comes from the Latin phrase salus per aquam, meaning “health by water.” The infusion of tea or herbs in water can be a wonderful addition to any spa menu.

Tea provides a myriad of experiences, from calming to rejuvenating. By using herbs, flowers and premium tea leaves, a tea blend can offer the perfect complement to any treatment. Serve tea in the waiting area to make clients feel pampered, after a treatment to invigorate, or in bath soaks and compresses for relaxation—the options are endless. These offerings can be considered an ideal aromatherapy add-on.

Tea blends should feature names that reflect a holistic spa experience. These blends combine herbs such as ginseng for an uplifting effect, or chamomile and lavender to calm and soothe. Other blends are designed to detoxify or promote relaxation. Licorice, mint, orange peel and sage clears the chest, easing breathing as well as sharpening memory. Improve overall vitality with white tea with chamomile, schizandra—a five-flavored berry, orange and lemon peel. In fact, a premium tea company could tailor the blend to a spa’s treatments and private label the product, along with unique tea accessories, for retail sale.

Another way in which tea can be a revenue generator is by displaying tea items in the retail area. Clients can return for a refill of their favorite blend to bring the spa experience home. Tea gift sets also can be marketed as great presents for family and friends. Creating a custom-designed menu card that matches a tea blend with a treatment can further sell the services on a spa menu.

Tea time