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Creating a Sustainable Spa

By: Frederic Holzberger
Posted: May 27, 2008, from the June 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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We’ve used a damper system with our air conditioning unit so when the outside tempurature reaches 50°F or below, the system pulls in that cool air for recycling through an automatic gauge set off by the thermostat. Spas tend to use their air conditioners year-round because of all the bodies, lighting and electrical tools that contribute to the facility’s heat and need for additional cooling. Ceiling paddle fans are great for circulating air as well and decrease the need for air conditioning. And don’t forget to open windows when you can, too.

Sustain your staff

Once we are doing all we can to make our spas sustainable in terms of the environment, we also need to consider how we can sustain another important spa resource: our spa technicians. There are a number of trends I foresee that can help us in this area. One is the creation of a full-service spa technician—someone who does nails and makeup as well as facials, waxing and body treatments. It is vitally important to diversify and be more well-rounded, as the spa technician of the future will be more of a generalist than a specialist. So, instead of doing five facials a day, the spa technician will be able to spend the whole day with their client, providing all the services they need and want.

In terms of retail, consumers today have way too many choices on how to care for their skin. There are a lot of quick fixes out there that confuse more than repair, so spa personnel would be doing their clients a great service to create take-home kits for at-home maintenance, complete with personalized usage recommendations.

Light the way

All of these ideas and concepts will not only make your spa more sustainable and profitable, but will also give you a competitive edge in your community. Remember to ask yourself when making decisions if they are environmentally sound. Are you cutting back, reserving and saving whatever you can? Challenge yourself and your spa’s team members to go the extra mile. Everyone in your ever-expanding circle will be glad you did.