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The Green Report: The Question Begs the Answer

By Jeff Falk
Posted: January 30, 2008, from the February 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Zurek: Certainly, from a packaging industry standpoint, the effort has long been made to encourage recycling. Unfortunately, simple economics dictate that prices will rise when a product is in demand. Keeping sustainability a cost-effective practice will ensure more and more entities will consider moving in that direction rather than shying away because it prices them out of a marketplace.

Gill: There is a renewed interest in organic ingredients that are functional, but more strides must be made to increase the spectrum of choices for these ingredients.

Gentile: I see industry-wide efforts being made in terms of new ways to create high-end packaging with recycledmaterials. Recycled materials are being used to produce some amazing packages, and I can only imagine that this trend will continue. As far as efforts being increased, I think that product companies and consumers in general need to be better educated on the various aspects of environmental friendliness and responsibility.

Duber-Smith: Demand for this is derived from the next company downstream in the supply chain, but ultimately for the consumer. Industry has been slow to react to this demand and has failed to anticipate it.

Schiek and Basanta: Efforts can be seen across the industry toward natural and organic products. Wellness today is not merely a trend, but a lifestyle evolution. The natural and organic personal care industry has already achieved tremendous growth and shows no signs of slowing down. Efforts will be increased, with education and better technological advances pursued in order to deliver better products to consumers in the segment.

Sahota: Most efforts have been, so far, in product development—mainly by using more environmentally friendly/ethical ingredients, such as natural ingredients and organic ingredients. There can be more efforts in packaging and ingredient sourcing. Although there is no standard for fair trade cosmetics yet, companies can look at sourcing ingredients from fair trade producers in third world countries. Companies can also look at using biodegradable packaging or recyclable packaging to minimize packaging waste.