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Washington State Estheticians: Deadline for Master Esthetician Endorsement Approaching

Washington State Estheticians

Time is running out in the state of Washington, where the master esthetician licensing law passed in April. Some estheticians are just hearing about it—in order to continue to perform services or be able to incorporate them into their practice, estheticians need to act now.

Specifically, the bill affecting Washington State estheticians had a very limited-time grandfathering clause. This clause allows estheticians that are already practicing to meet specific requirements.

Obtaining the master esthetician license by endorsement thereby increases their scope of practice. If estheticians do not act and apply for endorsement by January 1, they will need to go back to school to attain additional training. Typical grandfathering clauses are at least a couple of years and also have a contingency endorsement even after the grandfathering clause has expired—this is not the case in Washington.

You'll qualify to apply for the master esthetics endorsements if you meet the requirements below by January 1, 2015:

  • Have an active esthetician license in good standing;
  • Pay any necessary license fees;
  • Provide proof you have satisfied one or more of the following requirements:
    • A national or international diploma or certification in esthetics that recognized by the state of Washington;
    • A license in Washington as an instructor in esthetics for a minimum of 3 years; and
    • Experience or education in medium depth peels and experience or education in laser operation:
      1. Provide proof of either 7 hours of training in medium depth peels or 35 hours of experience providing medium depth peels under the delegation of a licensed physician, advance registered nurse practitioner, physician assistant or other licensed professional whose license permits such delegation or supervision; and
      2. Provide proof of either 75 hours of training in laser operation or 150 hours of experience working as a laser operator under the delegation of a licensed physician, advance registered nurse practitioner, physician assistant or other licensed professional whose license permits such delegation or supervision.


Click the links for additional information on attaining the NCEA Certification, the CIDESCO certification or ITEC International Diploma.

Important note to NCEA certified credential holders: To prevent fraud, the "Verification of Certification form" is required in order to submit for endorsement to all state regulatory boards and can also be used to meet employment requirements.

Source: National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations



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