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Personal Care Products Council Responds to False Sunscreen Allegations

Posted: May 20, 2013
Sun protection

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In fact, retinyl palmitate has been used safely in personal care products, including sunscreen, for many years and is also approved by the FDA for use as a food additive.

"The EWG report also questions the safety of oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is an FDA approved over-the-counter sunscreen active ingredient. It provides broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays. In addition to the FDA, Health Canada and the European Union Cosmetic Ingredient Authority have approved the use of oxybenzone as a safe and effective sunscreen ingredient. Contrary to EWG's claims, the global safety profile for oxybenzone is comprehensive and robust, and current scientific research shows no connection between oxybenzone and endocrine or hormone disruption.

"The EWG report raises a question about the safety of sunscreen sprays and powders. In fact, in its proposed rule, FDA simply requested further information on the use of this unique dosage form and proposed a few labeling changes. Until FDA makes its final decision, the agency is allowing these important dosage forms to remain on the market.

"EWG's lack of understanding of SPF is demonstrated in their assertion that SPF refers only to UVB protection. In fact, an SPF number can account for up to 20% UVA protection, especially in the higher SPF ranges.

"Our goal is to help consumers to make informed decisions, and use sunscreen as an important part of an overall safe sun regimen. Sunscreen is a crucial step in the fight against skin cancer and premature skin aging. Our hope is that sun protection will become as much of a habit as putting on your seatbelt."