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Light Emitting Diode Position Update from NCEA

Light Emitting Diode Position Update from NCEA

Statement prepared for state regulatory boards

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are devices that licensed estheticians should be allowed to use for beautifying & stimulating the skin. When used in accordance with manufacturer instructions they are safe, and do not damage the skin. The range of most LED devices for the intended use of beautifying & stimulating the skin are 410 nanometers (nm)–945 nm.

LED devices are not lasers. The light particles emitted from an LED device are scattered or diffused, which means the light is dispersed in many different directions. Laser beams are focused or concentrated. A good analogy would be that of a garden hose. The hose on “wide spray setting” is like that of a LED, and the hose’s “stream setting” would be the beam of a laser.

Use of LEDs, does not require the same safety precautions. Light emitting diodes are different from laser diodes and are not subject to the Federal laser product performance standard.1

LED safety history

  • Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP). ASCP insures over 13,500 licensed skin care professionals in the United States. There has never been a claim or incident reported as a result of the use of any LED device or in conjunction with the use of any LED device.
  • Marine Agency Corp. Marine Agency Corp is a leading provider of professional liability insurance to estheticians and day spas throughout the United States. Our policies have included coverage for LED services for at least ten years.
  • Professional Program Insurance Brokerage (PPIB). PPIB insures hundreds of estheticians in the United States. The use of LEDs by their policyholders has proven—by its track record—that these devices have been used safely and effectively by licensed estheticians in the United States.

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