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Body and Machine Work Not OK in California

Posted: February 27, 2009

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Cosmetologists claim to be skin care professionals! They do not have a practical administered by the boards. The education is limited and not nearly as indepth as an esthetician's training.

It would be professionally helpful and refreshing if the state boards would work with us, the professionals, and stop being bullies and so threating!

They act like they are on a power trip. I agree that everyone needs to be protected. The clients need to be more informed to make safe and beneficial choices for themselves."

Suzanne Mayorga, licensed skin care specialist/esthetician--NJ/NY

I actually attended SFIEC back in 2003 and received my esthetic license shortly thereafter. In school, we were never told that we were not allowed to perform body treatments. In fact, we did body scrubs there on other students, as well as clients. I understand not being able to do massage unless you are certified, but I was under the impression that body wraps and sugar/salt scrubs followed by an application of lotion was perfectly OK. If this is the law, the schools should be enforcing it and informing students of exactly what they will be licensed to do. And skin care companies need to make sure that they are not selling products, machines, etc. that estheticians are not permitted to use. This is all very concerning for our industry! It is bad enough that the economy is dow,n and now our services are going to be further limited.