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Body and Machine Work Not OK in California

Posted: February 27, 2009

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Estheticians are not allowed to use any equipment that visually stimulates the muscle or treats the dermal layer of the skin. Machines are a big question right now for inspectors and estheticians. To stay in compliance as an esthetic license in a licensed establishment with machines and peels, stay within the epidermis. The percentage of the chemical doesn’t matter as much as the pH scale of the acid, and how deep the exfoliation reaches. The moment an esthetician is peeling to the dermal layer, she is outside her scope of practice.

Estheticians are not able to peel, lance or perform any procedure that disrupt the dermal layer of the skin. This includes using equipment or tools to remove moles, verrucas, skin tags, angiomas or milia. The board welcomes feedback and encourages licensees to get involved by writing to the board, their government representatives and attending meetings. The meeting schedule can be found on the Web site at (Contact information for all state boards in the United States.)

Remember that the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology falls under the Department of Consumer Affairs, so the main focus is consumer protection. For those interested in adding a master esthetician license (Utah, for example, has a two-tiered license), this would take a change in legislation and would need to show that it benefited the consumer. Board members are a group of volunteers, and active licensees can help evolve the current rules and regulations. I hope this helps.

Deedee Crossett, founder SFIEC and California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology board member

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