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Spa Machine Safety

By: Christine Heathman
Posted: June 26, 2008, from the July 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Does the manufacturer sell on e-Bay or Amazon outlets, or allow the sale of its machine to a gray market? The practice of this marketing channel can be a problem when a professional Class I or Class II device is sold to unlicensed and untrained people. Even the safest Class I or II device can pose a huge risk when in a layperson’s hands, so note: Does your manufacturer ensure its machines are pulled off these sites and the host alerted to the potential risk? How does the manufacturer help police this system to protect the industry?

The use of the Internet to buy medical and medical-type products is growing rapidly. Many consumers benefit from the convenience and privacy of this new option, but it can quickly lead to misuse and abuse of appliances. Unfortunately, the rogue sites of fraudulent or disreputable Internet businesses selling these products illegally are now threatening consumers’ safety.

While the FDA is working to combat these illegal sites, skin care specialists can help educate their clients to avoid this practice by informing the public about receiving treatments only from licensed, trained individuals qualified to perform the procedure.

Does the manufacturer have a warranty? Get this in writing. Do not take a salesperson’s word your machine has a warranty, and read the fine print to know what is covered under this insurance. A reputable manufacturer will also keep records on your machine and will have its productive life tracked in their system.

Knowing, practicing and staying safe

When purchasing a skin care machine to be part of your spa’s offerings, it’s important to check out all of the devices you’re considering investing in to ensure both you and the unit are in compliance with the proper laws and regulations. Not all machines are created equal in the skin care industry, and the reality is that, just because a salesperson states something as fact, that does not mean it is the truth. Learning how to correctly identify what is truthful and proper sets you and your business that much higher up in the industry.