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Spa Machine Safety

By: Christine Heathman
Posted: June 26, 2008, from the July 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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And there are other ULs that hold to a higher quality, such as EN 6060-1-1, and this is really the main code to look for.

More information on UL and electrical approval.

Warranty watch

One important issue the FDA does not regulate is the guarantee of the machine. These are some questions to ask before you buy any skin care device in order to help you make this important purchase decision:

How does the company respond if there are problems? Advanced skin technologies have enriched the lives of millions and elevated the credibility of the skin care industry to a new level of expectation for results. However, even the best machine is not without a downtime, and aside from FDA standards, when problems do occur, does the company work quickly to resolve them? Does it possibly provide a loaner machine?

Reported problems—and the appropriate response—can vary widely depending on factors, such as the type of product. Problems do affect a percentage of devices; however if the machine is purchased from a foreign country, it is extremely important to understand their policy of repair, as sometimes a product must be returned to the manufacturer. You could lose thousands of dollars in treatment revenue if the machine has to be sent out of the country for renovation, taking weeks or even months to get it back into circulation.