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American Academy of Pediatrics Supports Legislation to Ban Children From Tanning Beds: With Exclusive Commentary About How to Convert Clients Who Tan

Posted: March 2, 2011

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In addition, many manufacturers of clinical skin care products will not allow their products to be sold where tanning is offered. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), self-tanning lotions or sprays are the most effective sunless products available, offering a safe and profitable option for your business. If you choose to offer any tanning services, self-tanners and spray tanners are the best options. Today’s tanning lotions are much more sophisticated than those first available in the 1960s, and offer a wide range of color, from a very light glow to a dark tan. These types of tanning products take a little longer to produce the desired effect, which will work for the clients who prefers a gradual tan, while a spray tan works instantly and is more suitable for clients who wants color for an event that day. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)—the active ingredient in most tanning lotions and sprays—is a colorless sugar that causes a color change when it interacts with the dead skin cells in the stratum corneum. As the stratum corneum is shed with normal cell turnover, so is the tan. Because shedding is continuous, both of these methods require regular maintenance and will bring a continued stream of revenue all year long.

Be sure to inform your clients about the importance of sunscreen use in conjunction with sunless tanning products. Having a darker color to the skin does not mean more protection from the sun, and DHA, while safe, can produce free radicals when exposed to UV rays. By offering broad-spectrum sunscreen products that are formulated with antioxidants, both of these concerns are addressed.

Educating your clients about the dangers of UV exposure and offering tanning alternatives will not only maintain their loyalty and their skin health, but may also save their lives.