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First National Standard for Natural Personal Care Products Around the Corner With Exclusive Commentary on How to Choose the Right Green Line for Your Clients

Posted: February 11, 2011

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About NSF International: NSF International, an independent organization, certifies products and writes standards for food, water and consumer goods to minimize adverse health effects and protect the environment. Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide and operates in more than 120 countries. NSF is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Food and Water Safety and Indoor Environment.

Marilyn Patterson tells how spa professionals can make the right decision when considering what green product line to work with in their spa.

What are the differences between organic and natural cosmetic products?

Both natural and organic products use the same criteria for choosing ingredients with the difference being the organic content. Organic ingredients are botanicals that have been produced under strict standards. In general, natural product guidelines require that organic ingredients be used when possible but do not have a calculation for the amount required. Botanicals in a natural product may or may not have been produced following organic standards, while botanicals in a certified organic product will all have been produced according to organic standards. USDA-certified organic cosmetic products have two choices: the word “organic” on the label requires the use of 95% certified organic ingredients while the phrase “made with organic ingredients” requires 70% certified organic ingredients. NATRUE uses the same criteria for its organic certifications but has a third certification for natural. The Natural Products Association (NPA) only certifies natural. Ecocert has organic certifications, but their calculations for organic content are less strict in general and include water as a natural ingredient. Most other certification bodies in Europe are similar to Ecocert or the USDA.

How do you choose an organic product line or a natural product line for your spa?