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First National Standard for Natural Personal Care Products Around the Corner With Exclusive Commentary on How to Choose the Right Green Line for Your Clients

Posted: February 11, 2011

Only on Commentary from Marilyn Patterson of Natural Cosmetic Solutions Inc.'s follows this news item explaining how spas can choose the right natural or organic product line for their clients.

Personal care in the United States will finally have a new standard for “natural” personal care products, and consumers will have a new label they can trust in the marketplace. NSF International, a U.S. testing and certification organization committed to protecting the environment and public health, and NATRUE, The International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Association, have partnered to develop the first American national standard for natural personal care products.

The new American national standard will define the use of the term "natural" and will protect the integrity of verified natural personal care products. NATRUE’s natural personal care criteria (NATRUE Standard Level 1) will be used as a foundation for the development of an American version, which will help establish a globally recognized definition of natural in personal care products, including cosmetics, oral care and personal hygiene products.

A recent survey of eco-friendly buying habits found that many consumers are skeptical of the term "natural" on product packaging, with 65% saying that they would like to see the term “certified” for both processes and ingredients. This finding identifies an unmet need for personal care manufacturers.

“In the absence of a standard definition, consumers often question the term "natural" on personal care products as to what it actually means,” says NSF international standards director Jane Wilson. “By collaborating with NATRUE, consumer groups, industry experts and regulators, the American national standard for natural personal care products will define, in line with NATRUE’s label approach, the use of the term “natural” helping to protect and promote authentic and quality natural personal care products worldwide.”