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Regulation Action Plan—Speak Up!

By: Susanne Schmaling
Posted: July 31, 2014, from the August 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

The skin care profession has faced a remarkable amount of scrutiny in the past five years, and what it really boils down to is a scope grab. Decisions are made by state legislators who have little to no understanding of the skin care profession and the day-to-day work it involves. Often, it seems that decisions made under the guise of public protection are really only intended to appease various interest groups outside of the skin care profession.

What does this mean for estheticians?

Skin care professionals spend so much time in treatment rooms taking care of clients’ skin that it is a challenge to pop out and take a look around. However, the luxury of staying unaware of what’s going on is no longer an option. To protect the livelihood of the profession, estheticians must get involved. Take a quick look at the nation’s history—in many different instances, a single group of motivated individuals has had the power to inspire change or right an injustice. Estheticians can do the same thing for the skin care profession.

Following are some tips skin care professionals can use to let their voice be heard regarding legislative topics that greatly affect their careers.

Get to know your local representatives. Skin care professionals should be able to name the person who represents estheticians in their state legislature. Know the basics: her name, what party she is affiliated with and how she can be contacted. People have a right to contact their elected leaders with concerns. In order to be taken seriously, of course, being a voter is necessary.

Register to vote, and do it. Honor the right to vote and use its power. It can sometimes feel like one person’s vote cannot make a big difference, but do not get discouraged. It does make a difference.