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Medical Spas in Need of Regulation Across the Board

Posted: June 17, 2013
Medical spas

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"You could knock them over with a feather," Goodman said.

Keverline has sold the Dermacare facility and returned to full-time practice of ophthalmology. The current owner of Dermacare said the facility is now in compliance.

Two years ago, Peggy Meder was surprised to find health investigators at her spa in Norfolk. The registered nurse owns Skin A Medical Spa.

The medical director of her business, Barry Clark, was reprimanded and fined $5,000 for allowing unlicensed staff members to inject dermal fillers and local anesthetics and to perform cosmetic laser procedures. He also allowed drugs such as Demerol and Valium to be prescribed and dispensed in his name without documenting that he had examined the patients or taken their medical histories.

Board documents indicate that Clark practiced full time in the Washington area while serving as the spa's director.

Meder was fined and reprimanded by the Virginia Board of Nursing for giving treatments she wasn't authorized to perform. Meder's frustration is that she had worked for other medical spas that operated in the same way.

Since then, though, she has restructured the business. After shutting it down for a week, she hired a nurse practitioner with the authority to write prescriptions, obtain informed consent and medical histories, and do assessments. She also hired a plastic surgeon to oversee the nurse practitioner.