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Competitive Marketing to Make Money

By: Bryan Durocher
Posted: June 23, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of
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From a first impression to the end of a patient experience to home maintenance regimens, your mission, core values, color schemes, logo and labeling should speak volumes about your practice. After all, it is your brand. What do you want your brand to embody? Think of ways you might verbalize your message in a visual way. Your brand logo needs to be prominently displayed everywhere your patients are served, such as with one or two consistent color themes threading all of your treatment rooms together.

Also, legally register your brand, potentially including names, logos and slogans. If you’re trying to build brand equity, you don’t want someone else using your brand and potentially damaging your reputation.

Coming together

There are many facets to marketing, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed without a good game plan. However, remember small marketing tactics allow big marketing goals—and increased patient flow—to happen. The important lesson is to invest now, be smart about your resources and reach out to successful people who have already made your goals happen. Learn from experience, play on your strengths and focus on patient satisfaction, because their word-of-mouth recommendations can be priceless in the world of marketing.