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Competitive Marketing to Make Money

By: Bryan Durocher
Posted: June 23, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of
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Structure your presentation to offer solutions, telling stories about actual patient situations and results, and describing treatment processes and benefits, including facts, statistics and expert quotes. Do demonstrations, pass around samples, show photos, and include a menu, brochures and incentives in your attendees’ gift bags.

Conclude your presentation with a call to action that creates urgency, such as, “For all those interested in taking advantage of our seminar special, join us now in the lobby to schedule your treatment package.” Also, allow time for a question-and-answer session and face-to-face networking opportunities.


In order to establish yourself as a go-to medical aesthetic and beauty expert, you must commit to possessing and maintaining long-term goodwill and industry-known leadership skills. You must network and build relationships with industry professionals, often through philanthropic and community contributions.

You also may benefit from having a public relations agent who can keep your name out front and aid in maintaining ongoing relationships with television, radio, and local and industry media editors.

Your brand

One of the most valuable assets in business is the combination of words, images and feelings evoked from a brand. Your brand is unique to your practice. It’s your collection of services, products, your staff’s uniforms, stationary, e-mail signature blocks, and your on-hold message. It’s the music you play, the sights, sounds, flavors, aromas and feel of your unique environment. Everything you do should reinforce your brand.