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Voices of Experience

By: Merge magazine's editorial advisory board
Posted: June 23, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of

Abstract: Building a successful medical aesthetic practice isn’t easy, but these members of Merge magazine’s new editorial advisory board are sharing some of their hard-won experience and advice.

Merge magazine had the opportunity to speak with some of its editorial advisory board members about the success and work that goes into their practices, asking questions about what they’ve learned and their advice.

Q: What one pearl learned since your residency has been most helpful to running your practice?

That no one person in an office is more important than any other.
Brian Biesman, MD

I’ve learned to have the practice philosophy and mission statement and focus be patient-centric, especially in terms of their experiences and their outcomes.
Laurie Casas, MD, FACS

Lead from the top. The morale of the entire office is in sync with the leader’s attitude. Our friendly, respectful, precise approach to every patient is reflected throughout the whole staff. We expect the phones to be answered, patients roomed, and all instructions to be given with a smile ... and that has to start with me.
Joel Cohen, MD, FAAD