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Spot On With Carol Ecker, RN

By: Abby Penning
Posted: May 3, 2010, from the May 2010 issue of
Carol Ecker, RN

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Providing the best patient care possible is of the utmost importance to Carol Ecker, RN, and it’s through years of lessons learned that she is able to offer it.

Ecker, now a registered nurse with Clarkston Dermatology in Clarkston, Michigan, received her nursing education from Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, California, graduating in December 2001, and soon after began work at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County as a neonatal intensive care nurse. She then went on to Mission Viejo’s Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center’s cardiac intensive care unit (CICU), but when the long hours began to wear on her, Ecker sought a different path for her skills.

“I hadn’t been exposed to too much in regard to the aesthetic aspect of medical care, but I was living in Southern California, so I was aware of it and knew it was something many people did,” she says. Ecker began to work with Dore J. Gilbert, MD, a renowned dermatologist with a practice in Newport Beach, California.

“It was a very busy dermatology and laser treatment practice,” Ecker notes. “He is a prominent physician in the medical aesthetics industry, and he trained me on the use of lasers.” This eventually led Ecker to move entirely out of the hospital arena, building her aesthetic skills.

However, the growing price of real estate in southern California soon found her moving back to her native Michigan in 2005. There, Ecker began working as a nurse trainer with Lumenis, and it was through this position she met her current employer, Wendy McFalda, DO, and started as an aesthetic nurse at Clarkston Dermatology in September 2005. “I work two jobs, as a trainer and as an aesthetic nurse. I like the additional work as a trainer not only because I enjoy teaching, but also because I can meet and interact with others in the industry,” she says.