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6 Strategies for Compensating and Motivating Your Staff

By: Tracy Drumm
Posted: March 4, 2010, from the March 2010 issue of
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An effective way to keep your team members on track throughout the year is to encourage them to use passwords that reinforce their goals, so when they start their day by logging into their e-mail, they are automatically reminded of what they are working toward. For example, a receptionist who has a goal of being more approachable with patients might use the word “smile” as her password.

6. Cutting staff vs. salaries

As many physicians have recently experienced, difficult financial times mean you often have to make difficult decisions. The choice to downsize staff versus cutting salaries has to be made based upon what is right for your practice. Beware of the side effects each decision could bring to overall staff productivity and morale. Generally, when you ask staff members to continue their jobs for less pay, you are setting those employees up for failure because it will become challenging for them to stay motivated. Good employees should be thought of as investments for the practice, and when times are tough, it might prove beneficial to ask a strong employee to take on a few more responsibilities rather than taking a pay cut.

Give your team a “raise”

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said money often costs too much. Creating an atmosphere where your staff is only driven by the dollar will make weathering financial storms difficult. Use the recent financial climate as an opportunity to restructure your reward and motivation efforts. By communicating with your staff members and learning what motivates them individually, you may be surprised to discover how little it costs to give their jobs a “raise.”