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Spa MD: Protecting Your Business Assets

By Camille Hoheb
Posted: July 19, 2007, from the August 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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       Lock-and-key. Lock-and-key mechanisms are a basic safeguard to prevent unauthorized access. Electronic key card access control systems offer considerably more protection than your standard key lock sets, and, additionally, an access key card can be disabled or have its accessibility removed using accompanying software with just a few computer strokes. The initial cost of an electronic key card access control system is much higher than a standard key set, but a good number of high-end commercial properties use key card access control devices, and that number continues to grow. If you are planning to locate your medical spa in an office or medical complex, you may consider negotiating the installation of a key card access control system in your lease.
        Standard key lock sets are easily compromised, but still provide protection. Below are a few tips on key control:

  • Account for all keys with documented initial and periodic inventories.
  • Compartmentalize access through limited, standard and master keys and locks.
  • Issue as few keys as possible.
  • Before a key is issued, be sure the person has demonstrated trustworthiness.
  • Have all keys stamped with “Do not duplicate.”
  • Follow this rule: One person, one key. And no “loaning out” of keys.
  • Lock up all extra keys and control who can duplicate keys.
  • For the maximum protection, change locks and keys when a key is lost, when warranted by any employee's behavior, or when any employee is terminated or voluntarily quits.
        Consider that locks are used not only for doors, but also to help safeguard windows, desks, cabinet locks and refrigerators. Refrigerator locks? Consider again the disappearing vials of Botox mentioned earlier; this theft was enabled by a lack of lock protection on the storage refrigerator.


Protect your spa
        A medical spa is an expensive business investment with start-up costs typically running well over $600,000, with sizable resources allocated in real estate, design and construction, laser equipment, human resources marketing and more. Owners and operators devote most of their time and energy to the business’ development, often overlooking this very important piece of business strategy. Asset protection can take on many forms, and this article was intended to provide a framework for crafting your own plan for asset protection. As with many things in life, your safest bet is to expect the best and plan for the worst.

* Botox is a registered trade name of Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA.