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Bringing In Promotions

By: Wendy Lewis
Posted: January 29, 2010, from the January 2010 issue of
Medical spa flyer

Promotional flyers and mailers can feature seasonal themes to keep them fresh and intriguing.

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There are a myriad of creative options available when trying to appeal to the new reality of consumer belt-tightening, and cross promotions can offer many benefits to patients while also introducing them to new services. Typically, promotions should also only be offered for a limited time, and they should be changed frequently to avoid getting stale. If you offer the same promotion for months on end, you are essentially lowering your fees rather than using the special promotion as a way to generate new interest. Consider adding something into the treatment fee to entice patients, such as a complimentary lash enhancer with every facial peel or 30 units of Botox as a bonus with two syringes of Juvederm. The additional service will likely not end up costing you more, and it serves to build goodwill with your patients.

Treatment-bundling is another proven method that can be implemented to benefit loyal patients and keepschedules full. You can start by identifying which services are the least profitable. For example, a light-based treatment for redness that takes 15 minutes to perform may bring in much more revenue than cellulite therapy that ties up a treatment room for 90 minutes. Therefore, you may want to bundle less profitable services with more time-compact offerings, such as laser or light treatments or dermal fillers. Also, have them booked together or paid for at the same time.

You can bundle treatments with products, too. As retail falls under the category of passive income, offering patients a complimentary product as a bonus with a full-priced treatment is an ideal way to maximize their experiences. For example, including a broad-spectrum sunscreen with high SPF with every fractional resurfacing treatment serves the dual purpose of emphasizing the need for sun protection post-laser treatment and improving compliance.

Worth comments, “Even in Palm Beach, patients love to get something extra. We recently offered a special microdermabrasion manicure bundled with every laser treatment. And another very successful promotion we’ve used is to have patients bring in their old eye cream and then upgrade them to a more advanced eye product by offering 10% off the retail price. This allows us to introduce them to our skin care brands.” It also generates retail sales.

Incentivizing clients

Though the luxury concept may conjure up images of the conspicuous consumption and out-of-control self-indulgence that landed the economy in this global crisis, skin maintenance therapies aren’t only about pampering anymore. Consumers buy into the concept that taking care of their skin and appearance goes hand in hand with an integrative approach to health and wellness. By raising the awareness of the long-term benefits of the therapeutic services you offer, patients will be encouraged to invest in preventive and maintenance treatments even if they’re cutting back on discretionary spending.