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Bringing In Promotions

Promotional flyers and mailers can feature seasonal themes to keep them fresh and intriguing.

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By: Wendy Lewis
Posted: January 29, 2010, from the January 2010 issue of

Abstract: With the state of the economy only slowly coming around, medical aesthetic practices need to engage both new and old patients, and one of the best ways to bring them in is through promotional efforts. Package deals, incentives, cross promotions, referral programs, e-mail marketing packages, treatment bundles and other basic promotional programs have a long history of helping to keep businesses thriving, and putting together your own particular options can lead to increased loyalty and even new patients.

You survived the downturn of 2008 and made it through 2009. Your next challenge is recapturing the momentum for 2010 and beyond. But consumer spending is still in a holding pattern in many markets, forcing those in the medical aesthetic industry to think more closely about what patients really want, as well as how to give it to them.

A stand-out business

To establish a strong point of difference, one effective promotional strategy that works in any economic climate is to enhance customer service. Rather than hastily reacting to an onslaught of discounted treatments and aggressive product promotions, consider reworking your service offerings to add more value.

Many practices, clinics and medical spas have turned their sales volume around by giving patients more for their money. Whether it is through vouchers for future treatments, a series of two-for-one specials or holding 10% off Botox days, people love to get more than they thought they were getting. And a gesture doesn’t even have to be grand to be effective. Something as simple as offering a complimentary hand massage with a skin treatment or a trial size of a new eye cream can go a long way to enhance customer loyalty.

It’s also important to keep your business at your patients’ top-of-mind. According to Janice Worth, owner of Anushka Spa and Cosmedical Centre in Palm Beach, Florida, “We try to communicate to our 15,000 patients approximately eight times a year by sending beautifully designed 6-by-8-inch mailers to their homes. Our September and October pieces accounted for driving about 15% of overall revenue in those months in actual advertised promotions, and the dollar volume generated amounts of about $45,000–60,000 in revenue. However, we also see there is approximately a 15–20% uptick in patients that have been dormant for three to six months. Just putting our face in front of them reminds them to make an appointment.”

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