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Marketing to Make It

Knowing your audience can help you create marketing materials that specifically target your ideal patient.

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By: Melissa Kelz
Posted: January 28, 2010, from the November 2009 issue of

Abstract: Despite a rough economy and fewer discretionary dollars, there are patients to be had out there. Finding and connecting to those patients creates an appropriately targteted marketing strategy.

The country has stumbled into tough economic times. The current recession is likely to be the worst in 50 years in terms of job losses, according to an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank, and many people no longer have the same ability to invest in aesthetic well-being. Even if times are rough, however, there are those who have navigated effectively through this economic climate, and in today’s competitive marketplace, there are specific things an aesthetic practice can do to ensure patients find them, refer others and keep returning for services.

Target marketing

Don’t shoot in the dark. A physician can spend less money and get better results with target marketing. Figure out who your audience is by creating a database to learn more about your patient population. The database should be driven by answers to questions you collect on a new patient form.

Patient information gives you knowledge, which translates into better understanding of the likes and dislikes of those you want to and do serve. Be creative but basic. Find out what newspapers, magazines and blogs your patients read. Decipher whether they listen to terrestrial or satellite radio. Discover their hobbies, and learn how they spend their free time. This type of information is vital to helping you understand how to reach your target audience.

Operating online

In this digital age, developing an online strategy is imperative. All the time, people are logging onto popular health-related sites to discover the latest and greatest procedures and treatments. They regularly monitor these sites to see what procedures are popular, what recovery times entail and who else is having them done. These sites provide the opportunity for you to offer expert commentary or even banner ads.