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Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS: A Difference-maker

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: January 28, 2010, from the November 2009 issue of
Dr. Steven H. Dayan and a student practice injections.

As the father of three daughters, Dayan believes many of the lessons he has learned in his practice have made him a better parent. Photography by Michelle CD Mueller, Michelle CD Mueller Photography

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Dayan ensures those failures add up to successes, however, and acknowledges that he excels at compartmentalizing information and multitasking, but believes he doesn’t really do much more than the average person. “I’m not doing more than most people, I just leave a lot of facts behind. I have some good ideas, I put them on paper, and it becomes a book. I take that extra step of jotting things down. My staff members know all these facts and solutions. They aren’t allowed to give me a problem without a solution. I want to know they’ve thought through it,” he explains.

This type of effort with his staff has led to a loyal group of people who genuinely respect their leader. According to Urakay Juett, an employee at DeNova Research, “It is rare for a leader to offer the creativity he brings to all of us throughout the entire office. He gives us the opportunity to come up with ideas that benefit the patients. Dr. Dayan is diligent and persistently follows through and establishes timelines; he forces you to think about each step before you get there. Everything is very detail-oriented and the plans are executed according to the details.”

Do what’s best for the patient

As necessary as these plans are now, they will prove even more so in the future, predicts Dayan. “Aesthetic medicine is going to continue to expand because people always want to feel better about themselves, but they want less invasive, quicker results at an affordable price. Patients are expecting perfection, and doctors can’t deliver that, so there’s a disconnect there that will have to settle out,” he says.

He also sees better products in the future. “Botox changed medicine. Before Botox, if you wanted to look good, you knew you were going to have surgery and you were going to have downtime. After Botox, people come in with no downtime and little expense. Everything we do is measured by that standard.” Dayan believes aesthetic medicine is caught somewhere between retail flair and general medicine, and it needs to be handled differently than either.

When asked whether retirement is in his future, Dayan instantly responds, “I will never retire. I’m not sure I believe in retirement.” What does the future hold for this difference-maker? “I hope to be doing the same thing. My ultimate goal is to make people happy, whether it is through surgery or the different projects I’m doing,” he says. “The ultimate goal cannot be financial and if it is, you won’t succeed. In the end, you’ve got to do what’s best for the patient and it will always come back to you.”