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Networking, The Client-builder

By: Bryan Durocher
Posted: January 28, 2010, from the November 2009 issue of

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Visit the prospective groups in the area and get a feel for participants. Make sure this is a match with your personality and objectives. Pay attention to how many qualified referrals are passed. If it seems not many are coming out of the group, it could be a sign of an ineffective organization. Remember, you are there to build patient relations, not just to socialize.


When you are out networking, it is best to have a 30–60 second speech prepared about who you are and what you do. An effective presentation will tell a story. Share examples of experiences patients have had at your practice, how you work with them, the attention to detail you give with each service and other aspects that make you unique. By telling it in a story form, people are much more apt to listen attentively.

Also create a defining statement, which is a shorter version of your speech. This is something that can be said quickly and should become your response to the standard “What do you do?” It should include two distinctions about you and your business. Keep in mind people only buy for two reasons: solutions to challenges and good feelings. A defining statement needs both. There is a greater impact when you respond with a defining statement instead of with generic, detail-free answers.

Give to get

The surest way to get referrals from your networking partners is to give them referrals first. You have to give to get.

Create a book with your networking partners’ business cards inside, and listen to the needs of all the people you come into contact with. It is amazing how many requests you will get from people in the community who need goods and services. When you make referrals, you become a knowledgeable source of information. They will think about you beyond the services you provide in your practice.