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Bridging the Gap Between Esthetics and Medical

By: Adele Beck
Posted: July 22, 2008, from the March 2007 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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The next stop is the spa version of the laser facial. This is an example of how to use your current assets as a jumping-off point for medical spa growth. For some time my partner and I had labored over the purchase of an LED machine. Spas across the country were introducing them to their existing clients, adding high profit dollars to their revenues. The market is there, but how does a medical spa tap into it without another expensive machinery purchase? Why not use the machinery it already has?

There is a technique used in some laser treatments with low energy settings that is as safe as an LED and far more effective. Using it in combination with a regular facial, a mini-micro and a hydrating mask, the technique is relaxing, gives immediate and long-term results and offers a manageable price for people who cannot afford regular laser treatments. It also serves as an introduction for clients thinking about more laser treatments and is a good way for younger clients and laser patients to maintain their youthful skin. It is a win-win situation for everyone—the ultimate showcase of the combination of esthetic and medical.

Get the word out

With the invention of the esthetic laser came the “medical spa,” a business which today remains in its infancy. Many consumers don’t understand what a medical spa is, leaving the gap between esthetic and medical intensely wide. One needs more than unique marketing techniques to help bridge this gap. Spa owners need to continue to educate their team members and clients—even the impassive ones. The more people who know how well esthetics and medical combine forces, the better business will become. It will be a subliminal message that one day will kick in when they see that fine line turn into a deep crevice that ordinary makeup will not camouflage. With the knowledge of what a medical spa can do, they’ll know just where to turn for help.

Editor’s note: Adele Beck’s Reprieve Anti-Aging Spa in Warwick, Rhode Island, won the award for “Best Balance Between Medical and Esthetic in a Medical Spa” in Skin Inc. magazine’s first Best of the Best Awards competition.