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Are You Considering a Medical Esthetics Career?

By: Louis Silberman
Posted: July 30, 2012, from the August 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Medical esthetics is the wave of the future in the beauty industry. The procedures are noninvasive or minimally invasive, are quick enough to be performed during a client’s lunch hour and provide amazing results. Learning the latest industry techniques can help you take your esthetic business to the next level.

Louis Silberman is president and founder of National Laser Institute, one of the largest cosmetic laser and medical esthetic training centers in North America. He is an expert in medical esthetics, a medical spa owner and a nationally recognized author, marketing speaker and business consultant. Silberman can be contacted at 800-982-6817 or

Are you an esthetician considering working in a medical setting?

What are the most popular esthetic treatments?

What type of training do you need?

Aesthetics Exposed: Mastering Skin Care in a Medical Setting and Beyond simplifies an esthetician's role in a medical setting. Learn about the legalities of aesthetics, challenging skin concerns, skin care treatments, laser and light therapy, working with medical staff, innovative skin rejuvenation techniques and landing your dream job. If you are serious about advancing yourself and are self-motivated, this book is your first step in the right direction. You have to start somewhere!.

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