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Holiday Strategies for the Medical Spa

By: Steven H. Dayan, MD, FACS, Tracy L. Drumm and Terri A. Wojak
Posted: September 29, 2011, from the October 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Many other skin care treatments can be beneficial during this time. It is up to you to find the promotions that work best for your specific clientele, but it is advantageous to have a combination of everything. You should have services available for relaxation, as well as those that provide an immediate glow and exfoliation for those who want something a little more aggressive.

Marketing point of view: Tracy L. Drumm

The holidays are a time of joy, peace and rest ... well at least that’s how greeting cards portray them. For the rest of us real folks whose holidays don’t resemble a Norman Rockwell painting, below is a guide for how to survive and thrive through holiday promotions. By following a few proactive steps, you can keep the grinch out and the staff grinning all season long.

Facts. Whether it is planning for New Year’s, Hanukkah or Christmas, it seems inevitable that every year come December, your to-do list doubles overnight. If recalling this list of urgent tasks induces a cold-sweat, transform the way you think of this annual overload into an opportunity. As hectic as holidays are, they are also equally reliable. You can look at a calendar and begin planning at any time. Being proactive is the first step to help you avoid projects bottlenecking and missing the holiday business boom.

Think of the calendar as your source for facts. The facts are the dates of holidays throughout the year and serve as anchors in your timeline. Set a schedule for your skin care facility where promotions are created eight weeks before the holiday and introduced to your market six weeks before the big day.

Fun. While hunting for the perfect present or juggling the influx of holiday traffic, it can be easy to forget that fundamentals start with “fun.” Seasonal promotions should be bright and cheerful, and set the tone for the entire experience a client has with your skin care facility. Build excitement and flare into each promo. Consider creative ways to engage your existing clients and unique messages that will generate buzz with new ones.