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Plan to Succeed With Strategic Marketing

By: Wendy Lewis
Posted: August 1, 2011, from the August 2011 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Plan to Succeed With Strategic Marketing

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If, for instance, your facility is one of the strongest in your geographic area, you may choose to invest your resources to support your business so it can grow. However, if your spa is not up to par with its competitors, your focus should be on making improvements to your service and product offerings.

Once you have itemized your directives, the next step is to design a specific strategy to effectively meet your targets within a chosen time line and budget.

Differentiation strategies

A common strategy is to create a product or service that is unique in the industry—this may be your brand image, an innovative technology platform, exclusive products or impeccable customer service. Supporting a distinct initiative will require strong marketing and media outreach, a creative offering and attractive pricing. To sell it, you have to promote it to existing clients, and make it compelling enough to entice new clients through the door.

To target a specific segment of the market, consider designing a focused strategy that will resonate with a particular group of clients. For example, teens with acne is a market segment that allows you to get creative. Many teens are online 24/7, through cell phones or otherwise, so reaching them via Facebook, text messages or a smartphone app may be more effective than traditional print or broad online portals. It is essential to understand a market segment as defined by the characteristics you selected as the target for your offering, and remember that the more targeted your marketing is, the less complicated and easier to implement it will be.

When you promote your products or services in such a way as to avoid a comparison with your competitors, focusing on the benefits is a smart approach. This is especially useful when you introduce a new solution to a common concern where traditional methods are inadequate. If your offering is part of a family of products or services that will benefit the client as a combination treatment, promoting this group of therapies with one strategy will be more cost-effective.

Pricing strategies