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Men Major Force in Face Lift Increase--With Exclusive Commentary From Stephen Baker, MD, About Male Patient Motivations

Posted: April 7, 2011

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"You have some men that finish one career—they may be in the military, have an early retirement and get a pension—then get a second career, sometimes as late as the mid 50s. They recalibrate who they are and who they want to be. Whether the consider plastic surgery to affect how they are viewed by their peers or due to an internal driver, that’s a relatively common thing.

"Also, 65 is no longer a routine retirement age, and the most successful people are those who have jobs that they truly enjoy. They want to be perceived as influential within their sphere of influence, so this is a driver for men as well." How do you work with a male patient who is seeking appearance improvement? Is it any different than working with a female client? How so?

“My style is to look at someone and get a sense of what they need. Some of my patients just want an overall opinion. Men or women, if you just talk to them in a real sense, this is what we can do, these are the options, you present it to a man in more like “We get rid of that extra skin,” so you’re not looking to turn the clock back like with a women. You want to keep them masculine, age-appropriate and get rid of the issues that are bothering them, such as the bags under the eyes or the skin on the neck. Men don’t want to get rid every wrinkle. Most men are kind of OK with it. They aren’t apologetic and … most of the people are “I’m in business, I work with a lot of younger people,” or “I finished this job and I’m going back in the market.”