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Embrace Esthetic Physicians for Greater Financial Rewards, Part I

By: Rocio Yaffar
Posted: September 24, 2010

Editor’s note: This is Part I of a two-part series about how enhancing a physician’s services can result in greater financial rewards for esthetic professionals. Part II, which will appear in the November issue, will discuss details about specific treatments that can be offered by esthetic professionals, resulting in happier patients and a more profitable practice.

Medical esthetic practitioners have quite an opportunity these days—to enhance their patients’ physical attributes, as well as their emotional health and well-being while obtaining considerable profits for themselves. How? By bringing esthetic professionals into their practice.

Estheticians nationwide listen up: Here is your chance to boost sales and increase your income by doing what you do best. Despite the Great Recession the world has been experiencing, the medical esthetic industry is afloat and prospering. When people feel bad, they want to look good. The delicate and competitive workforce has plunged older workers into the offices of medical cosmetic professionals so they can look and feel younger in order to better compete with the younger generation for jobs. This is good news for esthetic practitioners, because your services are becoming more in demand at medical esthetic offices. Spa professionals, massage therapists, aromatherapy specialists and body treatment gurus pay attention: The medical world awaits your services.

The medical field is into you

To date, spa licensees have felt inadequate at professionally embracing the medical realm. You might think, “How can I compete with someone who does laser treatments when I am offering facials?” Great news—you do not need to compete at all. Learning how to spa-up medicine is a skill that will fatten your bank account without too much effort. The trick is to identify ways of incorporating your talent along with medical esthetic procedures to improve the outcome of cosmetic services, increase revenue and rebookings, decrease patient anxiety, offer add-ons, assist in post-recovery and provide overall better patient results.

It makes financial sense to team up with the medical world to enjoy a more cost-effective and productive practice. As it turns out, adding spa treatments to a medical esthetic practice makes good business sense. The challenge is integrating the often cold medical environments with warm, caring esthetics.

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