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Daniel Cassuto, MD: World View, Intimate Approach

By: Abby Penning
Posted: September 1, 2010, from the September 2010 issue of
Plastic surgeon Daniel Cassuto, MD

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Daniel Cassuto, MD, a plastic and aesthetic surgeon in Milan, Italy, knew for years that his hands would bring him success. “I wanted to be a surgeon because I wanted to use my hands in order to help people,” he says, explaining that he always felt more comfortable using his hands for a living than talking. “Eventually you need both anyway, but I knew I could train my hands to do what I want them to, so I went into surgery.”

Cassuto studied medicine at Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Faculty of Medicine in Israel, and while in school, did research on burn victims and treatments, finding the subject—and the connected work—fascinating. He sought a medical specialty that dealt with aesthetic work, and also factored in his decision to pursue a line of work that wouldn’t require him to work full-time in a hospital. “I didn’t know if I wanted to work for an institution all of my life, and I was also interested in the possibility of private practice,” he says.

Following graduation from medical school in 1985, Cassuto returned to Italy and worked in university hospitals, as well as at outside private practices in the evenings, and eventually gathered enough support and financial capital to open his own practice in Milan in 1999. During his residency, he had spent time working with lasers in the hospital setting and saw how they would benefit a private aesthetic practice, so he invested in the expensive equipment early on. “When I established my own practice and bought my first laser, I didn’t sleep at night because I was not sure I could make the monthly payments,” he recalls. “That initial laser purchase has led to me having 15 devices in my practice today.”

Cassuto combines surgery, lasers and injectables in his medical style. “I’ve worked correcting congenital defects and doing reconstructive surgeries, but mainly these past few years, I’ve been focusing on treating the aging process, mainly doing facial rejuvenation, breast and body surgery, and body contouring procedures,” he explains. “I find that in terms of the facial area, I’m demolishing it less and less and rebuilding it more and more. It’s not taking away things people see as problems, but instead giving them back what age has taken from them.”

With this rebuilding process, Cassuto sees the necessity in offering patients quality in all of his practice’s available options. “I try to offer my patients whatever aesthetic combinations will work best for the results they are seeking. That’s why it is important to be competent in not just surgery, but also lasers, fillers and other tools of aesthetic work—so I can offer whatever procedure I find most appropriate in a single treatment with equal degrees of competence,” he explains.

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