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She’s Gotta Have It—Now! Decoding Omnichannel Retailing For Your Spa

By: Annet King
Posted: April 1, 2014, from the April 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
She’s Gotta Have It—Now! Decoding Omnichannel Retailing For Your Spa

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Smartphones are a big part of shopping for this person, but she also views real, on-the-ground shopping with her friends as a pleasurable, interactive bonding experience. Walking the local galleria with coffee and cell phone in hand is one way in which she bonds with her peers and her family—who may just be scattered across the country and around the world.

In a phenomenon called “showrooming,” a shopper may physically stroll into a chic boutique to scope a pair of designer shoes in a retail setting, instantly snatch an image with her smartphone, gather her friends’ opinions, then source the same item online to find a better price. This sort of international, cross-media fluency is impossible to block—and it requires matching fluency from retailers, including spas and skin care professionals.

The online collective has got the consumer covered. This means that skin care professionals have to up their game in the ways high-tech cannot touch. Remember: In order for a skin care facility to be successful, retail must constitute, at minimum, 50% of your game.

Online shopping conglomerates gather intel on customers in incredibly ingenious—even devious—ways. They have the best data-mining operations this side of the CIA and FBI. They build deep, detailed profiles on customers, based upon buying history, as well as past credit card history and transactions. You “liked” or “pinned” an item online? Not only will that item appear again and again on your Facebook page and elsewhere in your social media array, but like-minded online retailers will besiege you with sales pitches simply because you seemed to indicate an interest for a product they sell.

The challenge is to make the in-store experience more dynamic and responsive than the online buy. How do you compete? By following the three mantras of in-person retail.