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She’s Gotta Have It—Now! Decoding Omnichannel Retailing For Your Spa

By: Annet King
Posted: April 1, 2014, from the April 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Today, women represent the most extreme, ultimate definition of consumer power, ever—even in light of the economic hardships most have experienced in the last several years.

Skin care, according to Euromonitor International, represents a market share of $96.5 million each year—and this is represented primarily by skin care devoted to the face.1 According to Lucintel, global skin care and beauty markets will reach $264.2 billion by the year 2017, and premium services and products for the face constitute a healthy percentage of that projection.2

That’s the good news. And there really is no bad news ... but there is a challenge. Today’s female consumer is an omichannel shopper. She is more informed and empowered than any previous consumer in history. She has moved from single-channel, to multichannel, to cross-channel and now is an omnichannel shopper. Your challenge as skin care professionals and spa owners is to make the brick-and-mortar shopping experience more rewarding, titillating and alluring for her than simply the automated convenience of purchasing products online.

This means that you have to enhance the live, on-the-ground shopping experience with personalization, expertise, prescriptive selling, engagement and a sense of connection simply not possible via a few mouse-clicks at the zillion glossy dot-coms that flood your clients’ e-mail inboxes every hour with offers, events and product pitches.

Keep it real

Today, it’s all about the omnichannel shopper. It’s not one or the other for her; she doesn’t just prowl the mall or cruise for special stuff online, because she does both and more every hour of every day. Her primary medium is her tablet, but she also utilizes her desktop and smartphone.