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Lifestyle and Lifelong Retail Engagement

By: Kimberley Matheson Shedrick
Posted: March 1, 2014, from the March 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Pre-arrival. First impressions are lasting. Everything must be in place in order to create initial excitement. Successful spa retailers rely on their teams, so empower your entire staff by providing in-depth product knowledge, as well as effective processes and protocols for effective execution. Teach team members to communicate with integrity and personalize the client’s experience.

Clients can come from almost anywhere. They may find you online, via telephone, on referral or simply by walking in. It is crucial to be prepared to embrace and engage regardless of where and how they find your business. Ensure that you have a comprehensive “net” to use to catch potential clients, and that your brochure, website and team provide captivating and accurate material.

Optimize the appointment confirmation call. During the call, research personal preferences and the client’s preferred mode of communication—phone, e-mail, text or regular mail.

Often clients make up their minds about liking a spa within the first few seconds of arrival. What is the first thing they see? How—and how soon—are they greeted? Don’t disregard the powerful impressions left by sounds and scents; take advantage of all opportunities to engage and start a new relationship, or build on an existing one.

Your greeting staff should be prepared to immediately determine if they are welcoming a new client or a return guest, and accommodate accordingly. They should be prepared to offer and accept more information from first-time clients. Along with being the initial guide for the client’s spa journey, they are also beginning the process of capturing and managing the data received, creating further opportunities for customizing the experience and fostering loyalty.