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Is Private Label Right For Your Spa?

By: Kristen Wegrzyn
Posted: May 1, 2014, from the May 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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Alves adds that many private label companies actually use the very same chemists and formulators that are used by the most well-known and more expensive skin care brands.

Debbie Fitzpatrick, founder and vice president of sales and marketing for private label manufacturer, Botanical Science, says, “The best way to overcome any objection or misconception about private label formulas is evaluation. If you are looking to add a new skin care line—branded or private label—the best decision is made after evaluating the look, feel and performance of the products.”

Private label process

The process of creating a line and incorporating it into a spa can take four weeks—or 12 months, says Alves. “It really depends on the spa owner and her ability to choose [details such as] the scent, bottles and the way they want their logo to look. The process starts with obtaining the spa’s logo and the general vision for the line. Then, the logo is digitally placed on a few bottles for the owner to choose what they like best. We often send out samples of our scents and, once they pick a scent and a bottle, we are able to put together a quote between 48–500 or more units, depending on the spa’s needs,” says Alves.

Design support. Alves says they begin the design process with the spa’s logo, as well as visiting the spa itself and its website to get a feel for the spa’s vision.

“Once we have the artwork signed off on and the quantity that the spa wants, the project goes into production—which can take between four and six weeks. Once complete, we ship the products,” says Alves. She adds that custom scents and products can take longer because adjustments are continually made until the scent is approved by the spa owner.