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Female Baby Boomers More Web Savvy, Says Mintel Report

Posted: April 29, 2010

Following provides  proof that adding an online storefront to your spa may result in additional retail sales from your female baby boomer clients. Do your due diligence and crunch the numbers to see if it makes good business sense to add this to your existing Web site.

Mintel’s recent Beauty Retailing report reveals the female baby boomer population is more web-savvy than ever, and they could be wielding their digital dollars at online beauty sites if retailers play their cards right.

One in 10 respondents to a recent Mintel survey report use some type of online retailer to purchase cosmetics and skin care aids, and the female boomer population is expected to increase by 30.9% from 2005-2015.

“Female baby boomers are one of the largest beauty care segments, known for their spending power, proactive health habits and dedication to product research,” says Kat Fay, senior analyst at Mintel. “In fact, these women spend 13 or more hours online a week, making the online market a powerful resource if retailers can get boomers to log on.”

When looking strictly at online sales, 8% of those surveyed visit mass merchandiser sites for beauty products, 8% order from, 8% order from, 5% patronize drugstore sites like CVS or Walgreens, and 8% visit other unnamed online retailers.