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The Stigma of Sales

By: Jamie Scalise
Posted: April 28, 2010, from the May 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
The Stigma of Sales tag

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First, if you don’t sell, clients will pick their treatments without help, and most likely will end up undervaluing themselves and their needs. In addition, they will buy department store products or even worse, drug store or infomercial brands. These products may not be suited to your client’s specific skin type or issues. Also, because your clients are getting their products elsewhere, they will not have any reason to visit your spa between treatments; in fact, if they have to make all their service and product decisions without assistance, you give them no real reason to return, period.

Second, for every product and service that isn’t recommended—even though you know in your heart that the client would benefit in multiple ways—that client is cheated out of a possible positive experience and result.

So please, explain to me again how selling is not client-centered?

Building positive momentum

Selling—with client needs as the only impetus—is client-centered, because:

  • Clients obtain the desired experiences and results they are seeking based on your recommendations;
  • Selling increases provider self-esteem because you feel more in control of your professional career, and it adds to your checkbook balance and helps develop client loyalty; and
  • Selling successfully and with client focus both boosts the spa’s bottom line and growth, and creates repeat clients and referrals.

As clients glow from their heightened experiences and results, telling their friends along the way, the positive momentum builds. You can earn more money and gain confidence, growing into the professional that you can and should be. Re-invest in yourself through training, industry magazine subscriptions and trade shows.