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The Stigma of Sales

By: Jamie Scalise
Posted: April 28, 2010, from the May 2010 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
The Stigma of Sales tag

Editor’s note: This column is based on Jamie Scalise’s presentation “Upgrade Your Spa Income Without Selling,” which took place at Face & Body® Midwest in Chicago, March 27–29, 2010.

Ask any spa owner, manager or trainer to list some of the most pervasive problems faced by the industry, and it’s a good bet that retail sales will be in the top three.

Granted, the spa industry is a feel-good industry, but it is here that your responsibilities begin, not end. When you finally come to grips with this fact, your career will never again be the same.

Let’s dissect the emotions that arise when the term “sales” is used. Negative experiences on the selling or buying end of the sales spectrum probably have occurred to you at some point in the past, but should that alone hinder selling and stand in the way of financial success? At least on a subconscious level, many still use this as an excuse. Who hasn’t had a less-than-stellar dating experience? Did it make you quit dating? Heck no, and with this, it is obvious how frivolous, maybe even ridiculous, the excuse to not sell due to a negative sales experience seems.

So why is sales resisted so vehemently in the spa industry? Does it feel as if you are taking advantage of clients? Are you rebelling against management pressure to produce? Perhaps you are uncomfortable in your role as an expert, or maybe you do not believe sales should be a part of your job description because you work in a feel-good industry. The answer may be “all of the above,” along with many more. But are these valid reasons, or are they excuses? Having recited and used every one of them personally—some verbally and some in my head—I can tell you that although they may start out as reasons, they end up as excuses.

Why sales is important