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Getting the Most From Your Spa Software

By: Ron Mataya
Posted: October 26, 2009, from the November 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Annual reports. A good set of annual reports conveys exactly how the business is doing, its strengths, weaknesses and trends. Preparing for strategic planning is streamlined, and getting essential information for accounting purposes is fast and easy.

Summary sales reports. Periodic sales reports provide help for managing daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly sales accounting. A daily spa summary report shows total dollars in sales, clients served and work performed, and how these details are applied to each staff member.

Exclusion report (or comparative sales reporting). This marketing report helps find easy places to make additional sales with existing clients. For instance, how do you identify clients who get massages, but have never tried a facial in order to attempt an upsell? Run an exclusion report, and obtain a list of those clients, as well as their mail and e-mail addresses.

Retention report. To stay in business, a minimum level of retention must take place and the steps necessary must be made to stay above it. A quality, analytical retention report shows if numbers are slipping in order to stay ahead of the game.

Inventory usage report. This report provides several items needed to manage inventory for use in services. For instance, immediately see if the number of masks performed that week, that month, that quarter or during any period of time, aligns with the amount purchased. Waste and shrinkage can be devastating to a spa, especially when money is tight. Kellie Sommers, owner of About Skin Professional Skin Care Center in Mission Viejo, California, uses several reports to keep track of her spa’s progress, even though she’s not a big computer-user. “I don’t use computers, not even at home, but my spa software reports are easy to access and understand, and there are several I use frequently,” she says. “We input all our client information and use the software to check out clients after services and when purchasing products. I run a summary every night to keep track of all sales, services and tips.”