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Getting the Most From Your Spa Software

By: Ron Mataya
Posted: October 26, 2009, from the November 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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JoAnn Erickson, owner of Beyond Bliss in Vancouver, Washington, takes advantage of several marketing tools and a detailed client database to help bring in clients when she wants them there, as well as to fill vacant slots, and upsell services and retail. “I use a lot of information because I do a lot of marketing,” Erickson explains. “I send out birthday cards every month, for instance. With my software, I can just pull up addresses, run labels and send them in minutes. I can keep track of new clients and send out thank-you notes every month, as well as break down my client list by dollars spent, whether they’re female or male, the age range or almost anything.” She also enjoys the ability to easily gather and combine her client data with her e-mail promotion program.

“I use an online mass e-mailing program to alert clients to monthly or periodic specials. I can quickly grab the e-mail addresses I want from my software and send them to my online program as an e-mail list,” says Erickson. “One great use I’ve found is, if I have openings, I can offer last-minute booking discounts and fill them. Because e-mail is virtually instantaneous, I can get an immediate response, which helps keep my schedule full.”

Integrated gift cards that can be scanned directly both to create the card by adding a dollar amount and to redeem it, are a quick and simple way to increase sales significantly. “We barcode scan our cards so that everything is in the computer. There’s no paper to track, you don’t have to write anything,” Erickson says. “I believe that this looks much more professional.”


A strong spa software program will have a reports feature that provides information in a practical and usable way based on the client data that has been entered. Good reports are critical in order to know what is happening with your spa and to make informed decisions about what to do next. Many software programs have hundreds of ways to list data on paper, but to get the most out of reports, they need to explain what the data means. Analytical reports can offer an instant, clear picture of a business, down to the tiniest details.

Generally speaking, there are five essential reports every spa needs to keep its business growing.